If you are interested in installing a Glass Cockpit or want to just simply add a new COM, you don‘t want to miss those pictures here. We are proud to present you a selection of aircrafts modified by us. 
    You find pictures before and after modification. 


    Garmin Dual GTN Systems and G500 Glass Cockpit (Socata TB 20)

     Cockpit-KPN-neu-oI  KPN-neu-oI  KPN-alt  
     After Modification   Before Modification


     Garmin G5 Cockpit (Cessna 172K)


    After Modification Before Modification    


     Garmin Dual G600 Glass Cockpit (Piper Cheyenne)

    Piper-Cheyenne-after-modificationN90FS2 Piper-Cheyenne-before-modificationN90FS1 Piper-Cheyenne-before-modificationN90FS2 Piper-Cheyenne-after-modificationN90FS1
    After modification  Before modification 


    Garmin G500 Glass Cockpit (Beech Bonanza)

    Beech-Bonanza-after-modificationHB-EFM Beech-Bonanza-before-modificationHB-EFM    
    After modification  Before modification     


    Aspen Glass Cockpit (Piper Cherokee Arrow II and Globe GC-1B)

    Piper-Cherokee-Arrow-II-after-modificationHB-OQR GLOBE-GC-1B-after-modification-N90354 Piper-Cherokee-Arrow-II-before-modificationHB-OQR GLOBE-GC-1B-before-modification-N90354
    After modification  Before modification 


    Historic and other special aircraft (Cessna 170A, Jodel DR 1050)

    Cessna-170A-after-modificationHB-CAX Jodel-DR-1050-after-modificationHB-SEW Jodel-DR-1050-before-modificationHB-SEW  
    After modification   Before modification